We are Almond

We produce intercultural musical events and projects, including orchestra and chamber concerts, recitals, opera, and ballet. Specializing in classical music, we are eager to discover new talents and help musicians all around the world to find each other for beautiful new collaborations.

Connecting people to create music, creating music to connect people.

What we do


Live music event production and broadcasting, chamber music, recitals, orchestra tours, opera, and ballet. Online and offline events.


Introduction, mediation, negotiation, invitation, and logistics for domestic and foreign orchestras and artists, discovering new faces, introducing international musicians to Japan, and Japanese musicians to the world.

almond others

Classical music book publishing, music education production, lectures and presentations, CDs, and other music-related sales and distribution.

Greetings from our CEO

I have loved the arts all my life, with music being closest to my heart. My goal is to share the joys of music, literature, painting and other fine arts with as many people as possible. That was my motivation for founding Almond Corporation.
I sometimes think my role model is the industrialist and patron Pierre Bergé, who supplied the business savvy that brought the genius of Yves Saint Laurent to the world. He had a gift for finding the intersection of art, fashion and music, and supplied the management know-how required to turn a dream into a sustainable reality.
The name of our venture comes from the almond blossom, whose intoxicating aroma of honey and butter heralds the arrival of spring in Europe. It inspires us to forge new beginnings, open new doors, create new encounters between the joy and passion of music and the people of the world.
Our goal is to create a world where the triangle of culture, economics and society resonates harmoniously and sustainably. It is that ambition which motivates Almond Corporation and elevates everything we do.

Representative Director, Almond Corporation,
Ayuko Matsuda


Interested in collaborating with us?

We are always happy to answer any questions or create new meaningful partnerships.